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Week 1

Week 1 of my vegetarianism has gone pretty good. I only failed once (which is far less than i thought). It was on Friday. I was SO busy at work (covering about 4 peoples jobs) that when the sandwich man drove up with all his goodies, out of habit i ran downstairs, bought a sausage roll, ate half of it, then remembered 'shit, i'm not supposed to be eating these anymore!'.

*shrugs* in any case, I'm still trying. Though, i've noticed that I ate an extraordinary amount of junk food last week too. That will be stopping. I cant substitute junk food for meat. How healthy is that? I need to find a balance (and stop eating shit).

Last night I had a dream that I got my license. I was very upset this morning when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. =/

Goodbye and Hello

So I am now, officially (and legally) a UK resident. After 16 weeks of waiting for the Home Office to put a STICKER in my passport, I finally have it! Woo! No more having to worry about when my visa is going to expire because it wont! No more having to put out rediculous amounts of money for a freakin sticker in my passport (already spent £2,000 on visas!). Woo!  first thing I did when I got it? Fill out my drivers license application. =P I'm gonna get me a fecking car and UK license or die trying!

I have also made the decision to temporarily go vegetarian. I say temporarily because I'm not sure if it will stick, but I'm trying. I've given myself 2 weeks, and if i find that it's working, and I'm happy with it, I hope for it to become a permanent thing. Andrew is being uber supportive as well, which is lovely. He's willing to eat whatever I make, and fulfil his manly-meat-eating elsewheres.

Uh, that's it really. Everything else seems so unimportant compared to those two tidbits. =P

A Few Thoughts...

I played in the snow last night. It was fun.

I have horrible, horrible cramps today. This is not fun.

My Sign Language class was cancelled tonight. Woo! =D

I've rekindled a long-lost friendship only to find out he's only living 2-and-a-bit hours north of here! It's a scarily small world sometimes.

I am currently 'working' in accounts doing more fecking data entry bs. I swear I can hear my brain snoring...

I miss my Whitney. =(

I was supposed to have been on my 6th novel right now for this year. I am only just finishing my 5th. =(


I am not having any more birthdays after this one. I have decided I will not age past 24.

My friend, Clare, bought me a kitty-keyring (early bday present). he's about 4" tall and 5" long and made of adorableness. I've named him Lushy.

Both Slumdog Millionaire and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist fecking rock!


*WEEEEEE!!!!* ^_^

It always snows for my birthday (with the exception of last year). ALWAYS!!

*runs around in circles smiling and dancing* =D

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Damn Daft Punk gettin in mah heads. Perhaps I should stop listening to them, and then I wouldnt have this problem?

I've decided it's long past due that I make a post on here about my uberly fantastic, awe-inspiring, amazingly fabulous life. ok, I might have exaggerated a bit there...

Actually, the truth is, my life is pretty ok at the moment. It has it's up and downs (like anyone), but I try to stay positive about it all.

I've made a few new friends in the past few months and have started going out a lot more. It's really improved my mental state, being able to go out and have fun with people whom I've met on my own. For the longest time, I felt like I didnt have any friends of my own. Everyone I hung out with over here was one of 'Andrew's friends'. Please, please, please dont take offense to that (you are all amazing and I love you all dearly), but there's something infinitely different between friends you 'inherit' by dating/marrying someone, and friends you make on your own. But friends are friends tho, and I'm grateful for each and every one of you. =)

Getting back to the point, I have been going out most weekends lately. This, however, is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of the reasons I stated above, and a curse because I still dont have my FECKING LICENSE (to be discussed later) or a car, and going out costs money (which is poop). But it makes me happy, so surely it's ok?

Getting onto the license topic, I STILL HAVENT BEEN GRANTED MY INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN! AAAARG! I applied for it almost 14 weeks ago now, those bastards. They state that they try to return 90% of them within the first 4 weeks. Well thats a bunch of phooey. Apparently I am awesome enough to fall into the 10% that has to wait FOREVER. *sigh* I cant do anything without my passport! I cant apply for my license, I cant travel out of the country, I cant even buy alcohol (not that I'm so upset about that, but that's besides the point). Grrrr..aaaargh. This is the major source of my frustration at the moment.

Other minor things include (but are not limited to) the following:
-Not having enough time in the day to do what I want.
-Not having the energy to keep my house clean anymore. I've pretty much given up.
-Having to live with 2 dogs that piss and shit anywhere they fecking please.
-Having to live with a roommate that doesnt understand basic hygiene.
-Having to work part time in the accounts department (which is why I'm writing this. IM FECKING BORED).
-Having to deal with stupid, back-stabbing, bull-shit at work.
-The sun not being out when I get home in the evenings.
-Not having got my exam results back from my Sign Language course yet. It's been 7 weeks, people, wake-the-feck-up.

Well now, dont you all feel better for reading that? I dont. It's made me realise just how frustrated I really am. I need to unwind a bit. sheesh.

There's a frog in my throat

So moving has gone (somewhat) smoothly. And by that I mean all our stuff is here. =P I still have the lounge to clean (this weekend's project) and the bathroom. The bathroom is going to be a Christmas-break-project. It needs a LOT of work. *sigh*. At least I have something to keep myself busy.

I shall also be putting up Christmas decorations this weekend. Oh yes, it's that time of the year again! I love it! I totally thrive during Christmas. I dont get all stressed about buying people presents or decorating, or going to visit family, or whatever else it is that people whinge about at this time of year. I love giving presents to people and I love having a proper excuse to do it! It makes me happy. Plus the fires in the fireplaces, hot chocolate, sweaters...it's such a cozy season! YAY!
Woo! From today I am an illegal immigrant!

Ok, no, not really. I'm in a sort of 'limbo'. They cant deport me because I have posted my Indefinite Leave to Remain application and haven't heard anything back regarding it yet. But then, I did only post it last week...

In other news, this weekend I was sat on the train, coming home from a weekend in London, when I realized I was sitting next to two American gals. Now typically, this wouldn't have been very exciting news (you can totally tell who the Americans are in London. As it is football season, they are all wearing football jerseys...I tend to avoid contact with these people at all costs) but I was in desperate need to find another American citizen to 'witness' and sign my ballot for the general election next week. So scooted over to them, interrupted their conversation, whipped out my ballot, and asked one of them to sign and write their address. They were both very excited and happy to help, so in order to choose who to sign, I asked where they both were from. One of the girls was from Illinois, and the other was from Wisconsin! Oh what a small world it is! Of course I had the Wisconsinite sign it! Now they're is no chance that they wont count my vote...So I shall be sending that in today.

Right, so it's yet another work day. Where did the weekend go?? Time really does need to slow-the-fuck-down on weekends. I'm going to be dead before I know it. =P

Where is home??

As of Monday 27th October 2008, my marriage visa will be officially void/expired.

As of yesterday, the application process is no longer in my hands.


I have machetes in my eyes

This morning was a bit of an odd one. I put my contacts in, like normal, and went to work. About an hour into my work day my left eye starting stinging/burning/hurting really badly. I promptly took my contact out, thinking maybe there was a hair in it, but there wasn't. There was no hair, grit, particle, tear, etc; so I put it back in. A little while later, it started stinging/burning/hurting again. The same old song and dance ensued and again, nothing. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me! It wasn't inside out either! GUH! By 11:30am (2 1/2 hours into my working day) I couldn't take it anymore and just took the damn thing out. It seriously felt like thousands of microscopic machetes were hacking away at my defenseless cornea. All was better though when Adam was kind enough to give me a lift home during lunch so that I could put my glasses on instead.

Otherwise this past week has been nuts. I have barely had 10 minutes to myself! Friday was Judy's funeral, then Andrew and I went to Simon's till 11:30pm. Painted on Saturday and Sunday. Monday Andrew and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary. Tuesday I had night class. Wednesday Simon and Dave came over for Dinner/games. Tonight I cleaned the house. Tomorrow night there are people coming over to see the house, so there will be more cleaning/tidying. Saturday there will be more painting. Sunday shall possibly be a day of much needed rest? I hope so...

Speaking of rest, it's 11:45pm - I should be in bed.