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The Destiny of Lily and Jack

Do You Believe in Fate?

5 February 1985
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lordofdarkness Erika is amazing. That's all I need to say really, but it doesn't tell you a lot, so I'll elaborate. She's funny, intelligent, beautiful, honest, caring; I can't say a bad thing about her. She loves to have fun and is often found playing in a fantasy world. She knows just how to cheer you up if you're down, and her smile alone is enough to brighten anyone's day. If I could describe her adequately the entire LJ community would add her as a friend.

I remember having nothing but fun, every time I'm with her. ^_^

dstiny_21 Erika, known her for 15 years she is my bestfriend, she always makes everyone laugh and there is never a dull moment with that girl... If you tell her to kiss your ass you better beware she will kiss your ass even bare lol... She is the most Kinky person I know... I get some of ideas from her if they are not that extream... I love her and she is my #1 wife... i don't know where i would be if i have never met her... Thanks E-Ka!!!

dmanley Erika enjoys stories that involve eagles with no pants, for some reason. And she's stingy with the webcam.

And she's supakool!!

'Nuff Said.

epyon439 let's see, what can I say about Ericka? well, I know I have difficulty spelling your name(and I bet i got it wrong in this comment), but other than that all I can think of is that your really energetic(the guys must be pleased*wink wink*), and fun to be around.

beggar_hattrick I remember working with you over at Value Inn and having that job suck but only going because you where there. then i remember you leaving and me getting sad. i miss you oodles!!!

bignate1717 Hmmm...interesting concept. What can I say, Bill's right when he says you are extremely energetic. You also always seem to have some way of picking up people. You always try to make me feel better about myself, which is extremely appreciated. Plus, you like cats, which is fucking awesome. Basically, you are unique, but in a good way, and you shouldn't ever change.

burnfromwithin Memories: Going and getting tattoos on my 18th birthday and then heading out to the Friday Night Freakshow to see Halloween. (It was friday the 13th as well.)

zodac Erika is a wonderful artist, a great linguist, one hell of a model role player (when she isn't killing her fellow players), the fountain head of coolness, and one nice girl. Rock on Erika!

as for memories, the memory I will always remember is your effort to get Dave's spaghettios. For some reason, that all still seems hillariouse to me.

randomsaint I have many memories of Erika but one of the one's that stikes out is of us sitting on my garage roof talking at 2 in the morning and me thinking "yeah, she's the one". She is a good person and a good friend and she's definitly quirky.

krazykermit33 I remember staying up till 6am coloring and listening to 80's music and getting yelled at to 'Quiet down' then going to Mcdonalds at 6am with all the older people think we were high or something. Oh! And getting at yelled at by the RA for talking to loud at night when her room was around the corner. Like wtf! I'm glad no more dorms! YAY! Erika is cool! WOOT! WOOT!

c4fattony I really got nothing different from what other people said. Nate's right though, you really seem to know how to make people more happy when they feel down. And yeah, Stop talking when other people are trying to sleep.

carpediem104 well i was going to save this for december when i was going to give you this awesome christmas present, but this seems like a fitting time. i see you as one of the most immportant people in my life. over the past few years, ive always considered you one of my two closest friends (the other would be pat.) youre one of the most trustworthy people i know and youre not the kind of person to just tell people what they want to hear. youre so helpful when i need someone to talk to or i have so much fun hanging out with you. youre one of the best friends a guy could ask for. as for a memory, i couldnt pick one particular memory of you because there are so many that ill never forget.

danceblackheart i think that you are a beautiful and articulate person... and i know that you'll be able to accomplish anything you set out to do in life... oh... you have the cutest kitties ever too!!! but that's more about your cats than you, i suppose...

loki_fledermaus There once was a girl named Erika
Who worked in an animal shelter
She met a sweet man
And their marriage was planned
After she moved here from America!